SPIKE SHOES, Silver, Eight Piece Set


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  • Protects any type of flooring from spike marks
  • Large 34mm (1.338”) diameter x 5.5mm (0.216”) thick
  • The SPIKE SHOES are CNC machined in high-grade solid Stainless Steel to ultra-high tolerances. This results in fantastic high-sheen finishing coupled with top quality PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating for extra protection.
  • Each SPIKE SHOE has a rubber pad to provide extra protection for your floor and extra isolation for your speakers.
  • Complete with Soundbass presentation box [new design]
UPC : 0706581983281
Introducing the Soundbass® custom-designed SPIKE SHOES designed in England by ex Bowers & Wilkins engineers

Did you know it is vital that you use FLOOR SPIKES with your speakers to ensure you get the best sound reproduction?

The Soundbass SPIKE SHOES will allow you to use floor spikes without damaging your expensive flooring, whether you have wooden, laminate or marble flooring our SPIKE SHOES will provide the solution you need!

The SPIKE SHOES give maximum protection for your floor, whilst allowing you to use the speaker floor spikes supplied with your products to maintain all the acoustic benefits of using the original equipment.

They are compatible with all brands of speakers, our SPIKE SHOES will fit your feet, no matter what the brand!

Installation is simple, just place the SPIKE SHOES onto the floor, and then place the spiked speaker directly onto the dimple in the centre of the SPIKE SHOES.

These spike shoes will be a fantastic addition to any speaker set-up and will help you achieve the best sound reproduction from your equipment.

About Soundbass

Soundbass is a company born 2014 of ex Bowers & Wilkins engineers, we have tirelessly worked to achieve the best in class products while providing a cost-effective solution. Our 30+ years of experience in the high-quality speaker & parts industry means you get the best products, at the best prices or your money back!

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