ERA300 Premium Floor Stand, Twin Pack (2pcs), White, Accessories Included, Cable Management


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  • ENGINEERED FOR ACOUSTIC PERFECTION: Our floor stand raises the Sonos ERA300 to the acoustically optimal height of one meter (40 inches). It’s expertly designed to situate the speaker above the sofa back, aligning the audio output with your ears for an enveloping sound experience. Enjoy superior audio performance in any seat, assured by our specialized design.
  • SLEEK DESIGN, SUPERIOR CABLE MANAGEMENT: Our Sonos ERA300 floor stand combines style and function in a compact form that fits anywhere. With an integrated cable management system, it neatly hides wires, ensuring a clean setup that complements your home decor.
  • VERSATILE FLOOR COMPATIBILITY: Tailored to suit any flooring type, our stands for the Sonos ERA300 are equipped with both felt feet and adjustable steel spikes, ensuring stable placement whether on carpeted or hard floors. This adaptability enhances both stability and audio performance, offering flexibility in your audio setup choices. Included in this TWIN PACK are two floor stands along with the necessary hardware kits. Please note, the speakers are not included with the stands.
  • PREMIUM ALL-METAL CONSTRUCTION: Soundbass’ floor stand for the Sonos ERA300 boasts a full metal build, setting it apart with a premium feel and durability. Meticulously crafted, it enhances your space with both superior sound and style.
  • UK HERITAGE, DECADES OF AUDIO EXCELLENCE: Soundbass, with over 60 years in audio design, infuses British craftsmanship into each ERA300 floor stand. Our legacy ensures exceptional quality and a profound understanding of sound for an unrivaled listening experience.
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