ERA100 Corner Wall Mount Bracket, Black, Fixed Position, Low Profile



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  • ELEVATE YOUR AUDIO EXPERIENCE: Designed in the UK, our corner mount is designed specifically for the Sonos ERA100, offering stability and style. With Sonos’ Trueplay technology, your ERA100 adapts seamlessly to corner locations, delivering remarkable audio quality whether as part of a home cinema or just stand alone in the kitchen, this corner mount is the one for you!
  • ENHANCED MOUNTING FLEXIBILITY: The mount’s versatility is a key feature, offering both standard and upside-down mounting options. This flexibility allows for easy access to the speaker’s touch controls and ensures optimal sound direction with a 30° swivel capability. Whether mounted traditionally or upside-down, it adapts to your space and listening preferences, making it ideal for corner placement to maximize room acoustics.
  • FREE UP SPACE: Designed with space efficiency in mind, this mount is ideal for homes where space is at a premium. It offers a clutter-free, secure setup, especially beneficial for environments with pets or children. The sleek design not only saves valuable space but also contributes to a modern, uncluttered audio setup.
  • SEAMLESSLY COLOR-COORDINATED: Aesthetics matter, and this mount excels in this aspect with its perfect color match to the Sonos ERA100. The color coordination enhances the speaker’s visual appeal, creating a cohesive and elegant look that blends seamlessly into your living space.
  • ROBUST BUILD: Durability meets acoustic enhancement in this mount. Constructed from high-quality steel with a color-matched powder coat finish, it promises longevity and resilience. The design also focuses on improving sound dispersion and bass response, ensuring an immersive audio experience that complements the Sonos ERA100’s capabilities. The SINGLE pack includes ONE wall mount and hardware kit. Please note that the speaker is NOT included with the bracket.
UPC : 5065010723313

Elevate your home cinema with the Soundbass Corner Wall Mount Bracket, designed specifically for the Sonos ERA100. Ideal for a home cinema setup or as a standalone feature, it utilizes Sonos’ Trueplay technology to refine audio, ensuring an immersive experience.

Crafted for optimal corner placement, this mount maximizes the ERA100’s three-dimensional audio, revolutionizing your listening experience. A symbol of UK engineering excellence, it combines precision, style, and stability.

Constructed from high-quality steel with a color-matched powder coat, this durable mount not only looks great but also enhances sound dispersion and bass response for an enveloping audio atmosphere.

Installation is quick and easy, taking less than 15 minutes, with all necessary high-quality mounting hardware provided. It accommodates both standard and upside-down mounting, facilitating access to speaker controls and optimizing room acoustics.

The Soundbass Corner Wall Mount for the ERA100 marries aesthetics with functionality. It positions your speaker perfectly for immersive audio, eliminates clutter, and adds a sleek, seamless appearance to your space with its space-saving design.

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